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Having recently enjoyed the DC Snyderverse (Man Of Steel, BVS Dawn Of Justice, and ZS's Justice League) enough to declare it my Favorite Incarnation of DC in general, and being the gamer for life that I am, I wanted to obtain and play video games based on the trilogy. Unfortunately only one game exists for each movie, but at least they're all playable on Android. I'll have to use an Android emulator to play them though since they were designed for older version of the OS.

Right now I'm using Nox, because that's the only emulator that installed on my computer with no issues. The BVS Dawn Of Justice game was the easiest to install and play, so one of the games is already out of the way. It's Man Of Steel and Justice League VR that I need help with. I obtained both games' APKs and OBB files, successfully installed the APKs, and copied the OBB files to what I've been told is the correct place to put them (./Android/obb/). Neither game started up, even after starting the apps numerous times.

I really wanna be able to play these games, so can anyone here help me with getting them to run correctly? Did I just put something in the wrong place? Or do I need a different emulator? It'd be greatly appreciated...

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