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Jan 14, 2011
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Can we all stop this conspiracy talk of the Apple stopping Verizon from releasing the Thunderbolt or letting them talk about it.

At one point, Apple had complete power over what AT&T could do and say, since AT&T owed a lot of it's success in the past couple of years to the iPhone; but Verizon is not AT&T. Verizon didn't initially get the iPhone due them not wanting to give into Apple. In the years since then Verizon has successfully launch their Droid line up and gained a well received and desirable smartphone platform that is not controlled by any one manufacture (Google is not a phone manufacture). Verizon makes extra money by putting bloatware on its android phones (bing to name one example), but would not have that ability with the iPhone. Verizon didn't need the iPhone, but Apple needed Verizon.

Stating with Samsung's Galaxy S phone, AT&T started to release other phones that could compete with the iPhone, so that the iPhone was no longer the sole high end smartphone on AT&T. Meanwhile, android was gaining a bigger user base thanks in part to the Droid campaign. After 3 years, anyone who was willing to switch carriers to the get the iPhone already did, and those on Verizon who wanted the iPhone were getting Droids. Apple needed to get on Verizon before more potential iPhone buyers got android handsets and realized that they didn't need the iPhone as Android can do anything the iPhone can.

If Apple tried to put conditions on Verizon saying that they had to push back a release date or not talk about an upcoming phone, Verizon would have told them to take a walk as they didn't need them as much as Apple needs Verizon. So please stop claiming that Apple has anything to do with the Thunderbolt release.


Feb 20, 2011
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If anything, I would guess if the iPhone factors into the this at all, it would be that Verizon would rather space out the launch for Thunderbolt's sake. I don't buy the whole Steve Jobs pulling the strings conspiracy theory either.


Feb 19, 2011
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Unless I'm mistaken, the last smartphone Verizon released beside the iPhone was the Continuum is November. That means if the TB doesn't get released this month, the iPhone will have had a 3 month window surrounding its release with no competition. I haven't done the research to prove this is abnormal, but it sure seems odd. So yeah, I still buy into this conspiracy.


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Aug 15, 2010
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Lol! The real reason is probably something technical but since I love iBashing, I'm all for this conspiracy theory. I even came up with one iPhone conspiracy theory of my own on some other thread. Luv it!!

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