Is Android 11 Safe to Use On My New Note 20 Ultra?


Oct 19, 2021
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Every time I upgrade a phone to the next operating system, it typically breaks the phone. Abnormal battery draining and other battery issues, overheating issues, app issues, random bugs, UI issues, hardware issues, the list goes on and on. This happens every time I upgrade a phone to the next version of Android, but it's usually worse with the last possible upgrade for that phone. I'm getting my new note 20 Ultra in a day or two, and I'm terrified to upgrade Android at this point. Upgrading from Android 9 to 10 completely ruined my Samsung Note 9! It caused serious overheating problems and battery issues. Upgrading Android also broke the wireless chip on my Motorola Z-Force before that phone. And it ruined the phone before that, and the phone before that!

I've heard some people complain about Android 11 messing up their Samsung Note 20 Ultra with abnormal battery draining and bloatware problems. I'd like to hear from some note 20 Ultra owners who have upgraded to Android 11 and hear their personal experiences with this OS upgrade before determining whether or not I'm going to do this. This is a brand new phone and I don't want to ruin it! I desperately need this phone for medical issues. I really need it to be reliable.

Please tell me about your personal experiences with Android 11 on the Note 20 Ultra below?
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Aug 28, 2017
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Thankfully I had the opposite happen. When my phone updated it helped with battery life, performance was never an issue with this beast so no issues there. As far as apps, those usually get ironed out by the developers quick, though I dont have many installed. I say just update it, if it somehow degrades the performance, you may not notice because it's anew phone to you? Or are u just replacing a current Note 20. The forums have been great to me here, so expect help from the usual suspects.


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Feb 6, 2017
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I never experienced with New Android version issues like that , now that being said i hear over the years people run into issues with new Android version but was resolved with either factory reset or a app causing a issue

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