Is battery drain cell standby really a WIFI issue


Apr 18, 2015
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New member here but been reading for weeks about the S6. I have Verizon 32GB S6. I have the high cell standby sometimes but not all the time. Here is what I mean. I have had my phone on WIFI 2.4 and 5G and have had no cell stand buy and as much as 40%. I have a Verizon network extender in my house so I have a full 5 bars of signal and have a superb wifii signal. Last night I charged phone to 100% and left on all night with data turned off only WIFI 2.4 connected all night long. Got 5 new emails over night and after 7 hours of idle I had 1% cell stand standby and was at 93% battery so went to work at 6am in building with a fair signal for cell ratio so to test I turned wifi off and data off and at 12:30 pm I was at 89% battery and 3 % cell standby hum it went up a little bit with no WIFI on at all but here is where it gets crazy from 12:30PM and after about 3 minutes of data use ( not wifi ) at 12:30 till 1:45 PM with no phone use at all my cell standby jumped to 7% so it gained 4% in a hour and a half but only 3 % in about 13 1/2 hours from night till 12:30pm. What is going on here now at 10pm my cell standby is at 20% and climbing with just a little use of camera and a few text messages and have both data and wifi on and in house with full signal.

My question is why from 10pm till 6 am no cell standby to speak of and mim amt till 12:30 but after 12:30 till arriving home at night about 5pm the standby is climbing out of control. My thinking is it something else. I am at 16 hours 50 minutes on battery and at 57% battery but cell standby is 20 % with 0% time without signal and 6 hours and 6 minutes of total connection time.

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