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Is it normal for the "screen" of an S7 edge to be over 45% in battery usage ?


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There would be times when i'd notice my battery would drain fast even though my brightness is around 20% most of the time, no more than 50%, after I check emails, do a bit of gaming, go on social media and youtube. When I check my battery usage , my screen would read 44%. Is it normal for the screen in battery usage to be around 44-50%


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Jun 10, 2014
Re: Is it normal for the "screen" of an S7 edge to be over 45% in battery usage ?

I don't have an S7e but I'd say Yes....Screen usually uses most of the battery charge with normal use of a phone. The LG G4 that I'm using right now, for example, is at 42% battery remaining, 62% of the used charge having been used by Screen, and all is well with the phone. :)


Oct 22, 2016
Re: Is it normal for the "screen" of an S7 edge to be over 45% in battery usage ?

Not me. I have the s7 edge, down to 65% since last charge, screen only uses 6%. Of course I haven't played any games today, but I have watched some YouTube, browsed reddit and whatnot. I have the blue light filter turned on almost all the way, dunno if that helps. The screen itself is always on auto brightness. You might want to check and see what you have running as far as the background goes. Especially the lock screen. My phone is on a pocket clip so the screen stays dark, but if you have it set to wake up when you look at it, it may be waking up in your pocket draining battery. That setting is in accessibility settings
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Oct 30, 2011
The screen is what you want to be first. That means that they are no rogue apps sucking your battery dry.