Is it possibe to have one phone and use it on 2 carriers?


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May 8, 2010
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We currently have Verizon and it's great everywhere. We switched from Sprint before they merged and it's been so good. We get signal in places we didn't get before with Sprint. Well my husband started a new job near our main airport and for some reason he has no signal and can't do anything on his phone at work. He says it has to do with towers he thinks the airport may have something to do with it but you would think he would roam on another carriers tower but he has no signal. The ones that do have signal all have t-mobile. We were wondering if he could get a tmobile sim and use it on his S22 Ultra with a different number of course just so he can use his phone while at work and then use Verizon at all other times. Is that possible? I love Verizon and our bill is cheap with 4 people plus insurance and I am not looking to switch everyone. But I think just to have one line on tmobile would be to much. But if it's possible to switch out the sim on the same phone he might want to try it as long as he can cancel within a certain amount of time if it doesn't work.

Mr Bojangles1

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Oct 29, 2019
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Is the phone paid off? If it is I think it takes 60 days and then they automatically unlock it. As long as it's unlocked then it should work with a T-Mobile sim and plan. Also check if his has dual sim, he might not have to swap it out each time.

J Dubbs

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Jun 4, 2016
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If it's an unlocked phone I would think he'd be able to use the ESIM for the T-Mobile line and leave his Verizon SIM alone. If it's a Verizon branded phone you might be stuck unless Verizon unlocks it for you. If you have any backup phones around you could stick the T-Mobile SIM in one just to try them.
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