Is it possible for hotspot Wifi, from the normal Wifi? A kind of WIFI repeat

Jayakrishnan R1

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Mar 5, 2016
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As I am traveling, I stays in a hotel at the moment. I own a chromecast that will not work directly with the hotel wifi, since it have an extra security feature with room no/password login.

To make my chromecast, work, I plan to use 2 mobile phones, one to control cast and other to tether the WIFI connection from hotel as WPA 2-PSK (for the other mobile and cast), then to use it.

Is there any app serve the purpose? I am tethering WIFI in the HTC one m8 (Android 6.0). Problem is when its work as hotspot, own WIFI is not working leading to no connection in the phone. Am I doing it wrong?

Steps, Enable Portable WIFI hotspot in settings, with SSID and Passowrd
Then the hotspot is active and mobile WIfi goes off
Then I tried 2, 3 apps, Portable wifi hotspots, foxfi, etc and all have same behavior

Last time I used a windows laptop as WIFI hot spot, this time that option is not there.

Now I am looking forward for your help.

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