Samsung S21+ hotspot giving me speeds lower than 3G via wifi & ethernet


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Jun 24, 2014
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I dont have wifi at my new place yet so I have been using my verizon S21+ mobile hot spot to connect my xbox to the internet. I have also used a USB-C ethernet adapater and connected the phones connection directly to the xbox. Both options give me 2mbps download and 120-130 latency. It seems crazy that I am getting speeds lower than 3G.

Is there anything I can do to improve this performance? Would I see any improvement if I connected my laptop to the mobile hotspot and connected the laptop to the xbox via ethernet. After making those connections I would share the hotspot network with the ethernet adapters network connection on my laptop.


Jul 14, 2011
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Have you checked your mobile plan? Does it allow 3G speeds on hotspot? Is there a threshold of data you've used already (i.e. 3GB of high-speed data, then lowered to 2G)? Adding more 'players' between the phone and the end client (your XBox) will only introduce more lag. Does the phone hotspot work OK with other devices?
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