Is it possible to upgrade android version on a old Mx pro box


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Apr 25, 2020
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Hello everyone
Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times
I originally bought a MX PRO 4K box on eBay, but it kept crashing while running ip tv
When I drilled down a bit on the box I think it was a fake clone ,it does work but constantly crashes.
But the version of android was 7.1.
I tried again and this box seems genuine ,much heavier than the clone and it seems stable
However it’s running 4.4.2 which is to low for app I’m trying to run
So before I waste any more money or try and buy another box I just wanted to see if it’s possible
To upgrade the version of android that’s currently running on it
Or some way to swap the fake android os with the older model so my app will run
Anyone been in a similar situation ?
Is there anyway to tell if the first box is a fake ? A HW scan shows
It does have a quad core ,but it did flag the OS as not showing the correct version
It weighs about 12 gram ,practically nothing where as the older model is much heavier
I know weight is not an ideal indicator of authenticity,but the older model just seems genuine
Is there a Frankenstein option where I can canabalise parts from the old into new or vice versa
Or should I just give up now lol

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Mar 9, 2012
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