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Is regular CPU thermal paste ok to use in a Phone?

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I'm going to be replacing the screen on my LG G6 soon, and I'm wondering if regular PC, CPU thermal paste will work. I've got Acrtic MX-4 which I know isn't electrically conductive, but I'm just wondering if maybe there's a specific type of thermal compound I should use. Also any tips on applying the compound, or any tips on dis- and re-assembling my phone in general, would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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Feb 12, 2012
Evidently you've never done this with a phone before. My suggestion, a very strong one, is


It's very easy to break something in a phone without realizing it, even if you're experienced with microelectronics. Pay to have it done (or you may end up paying to have it repaired). The "stuff" between the screen and the frame is a special compound for screens. Use heat sink compound and your phone is probably not going to retain its water resistance - even if it just gets humid. So again ...



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Sep 16, 2012
look up the repair on ifixit.com

there is not any step that calls for thermal paste.