Is there a difference between expensive & cheap headphone?


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Jun 8, 2010
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In a less than scientific way I have compared the sound of 2 expensive headphones with 1 much cheaper headphones. In this comparison was the VModa Crossfades M100s, Bose QC25s, and the Acekool Wireless. Note the Acekool supports the use of a wire which WAS used for this test. I listened to Spyro Gyra's "Rasul" on all 3 headphones.

There was a definite difference between all 3 headphones. All 3 sounded pretty good. Ok first up was the Crossfades, which provided a very rich, probably the richest sound. Somewhat bass heavy but in a good way. Mids and highs also excellent, and it was easy enough to tell the different sounds being played. Next up was the Bose QC25s. Sound was excellent with and without active noise cancellation, BUT it made a huge difference with it on. My favorite was the QC25s with ACN on. The sound was very clean, and the bass, mids and highs were VERY distinctive from each other. Overall sound profile was NOT quite as rich and bassy (that a word??) as the Crossfades, BUT still was excellent. Ok lastly the Acekool's provided a VERY nice sound, but definitely not as clean and not as distinctive between the bass, mids and highs as the other two.

IF cost is no object I would recommend the QC25s. IF you prefer a bass heavy sound then the Crossfades are your best option. IF however you are looking for good value, AND Bluetooth, then the Acekool is an excellent option. For 40ish dollars you really can't go wrong!

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