Is there a place to find developers fpr project?


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Apr 26, 2010
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Back in the day when I did Php in website development, there's always a place or website to go where developers or Script workers are always willing to take on projects and development. Is there such a place like that for Android?

I'm looking for what I think should be simple to develop... Basically an app that will receive push notifications for several different topics and the user can turn off or on certain topics they want to receive the push for. Also. G with some other customization.

This is for a county wide emergency notification system for like traffic alerts for example.

Anywhere I can start to look would be helpful.



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Feb 12, 2012
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You've always taken a chance on sites like that. People won't write on spec, they want to get paid, and that means progress payments. You get screenshots of the current state of the program (which are easy to fake), then have to make the final payment to get the product. A lot of the people on those sites disappear at that moment. They have your money and you have screenshots.

Learn Java. If you did PHP development you know SQL, so the database and data storage will be trivial. Java isn't that difficult. All you really need to learn is the Android environment, and you can do that in a few weeks.

Then write the app the same way you'd write a PHP back end, test it, get the bugs out. Then you'll have an app that looks the way you want it to and works the way you want it to (and you'll have the source code, so it's easy to change or add to in the future).

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