Get Some Wood: TOAST Made Real Bamboo Skin for MacBook Pro

Jason Cockerham

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Dec 9, 2010
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love wood (ok, chill ya nasty). I love the look and feel of genuine wood products (I mean who doesn’t) and it’s no different with cases and gadget accessories. Aside from looking great, they also bring a sense of class to my life which I enjoy. However, I’m torn, because although I love real wood accessories, I’m a minimalist. That means that no matter how gorgeous a case is, I will almost always take it off after a few weeks because I much prefer the natural feel of my phone or gadget. Thankfully, skins allow me to have something that’s both minimal and stylish giving me the best of both worlds and thanks to companies like TOAST, I can now have a gorgeous, real wood cover for my stuff, without having to deal with a bulky case.

Real Wood is Better Than Fake Wood

TOAST is a company that makes real wood skins for a wide range of products. They cover (ha ha) everything from phones to game consoles and they recently sent me a genuine bamboo skin for my MacBook Pro. I even got to choose a design to go in place of the iconic apple logo. This thing is gorgeous. It’s a little tedious to get installed, especially if you opt for the additional bottom and side covers, but once you get it on there, it’s absolutely stunning. I put my skin on (on my computer, not myself...I’m not an alien) and promptly got several comments at work about how awesome it looked and all of my co-workers were immediately asking where I got it from; here if you’re wondering.

I just have to say, I’m smitten. My computer looks dope (that’s teenager speak for “cool”). This stuff is real bamboo. It’s not the fake imitation stuff that’s out there, nor is it just a bland piece of colored adhesive. It’s actually wood, which is even more impressive considering how thin it is. It’s not a case; it’s a skin. It’s not something you snap on that’s going to add a whole bunch of bulk to your computer. It’s several pieces of precisely cut bamboo that adheres and fits perfectly to your computer. Now, being a skin, it’s not going to help much if you’re prone to dropping laptops off of buildings or out of computer bags, but I would hope for most of us that that’s not the case (tee hee). For me, my biggest concern is scratches from those pesky coffee shop tables (I’ve already acquired one or two since I bought my laptop) and luckily, this thing will provide ample protection against scratches (it will also cover them up so my OCD doesn’t have to look at them).

Options for Days...Literally

My favorite part of this skin is how customizable it is. Beyond just looking cool because it’s wood, TOAST offers a wide variety of customization options. These options depend on the device you are trying to cover, but for most of them you can choose from multiple types of wood. You can also choose either to have one of their own very cool designs etched into the skin, or some products allow for you to upload a logo of your choice. I went with my own design and LOVE it. It looks so good. For some of the smaller products, they even offer inlay options which means you can have patterns of different colors of wood. It’s really cool, as are all of the options they offer and it quite honestly took me a couple of days to decide what I wanted.

Wood I Buy It...Absolutely!

As you might expect, being made of real wood, these are not the cheapest things on the market. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive these are. The prices vary widely depending on the options you choose, but honestly their prices are about on par with what you’d expect from any other real wood case. For phones, starting around $35 is a very reasonable asking price for a genuine wood skin. This entire package for my MacBook Pro here is $114 on their website, but again that includes the bottom, the side wraps, and a custom logo. TOAST has also worked very hard to ensure that as many devices as possible are covered. They offer quite an impressive collection of skins so don’t worry about not being able to find something for your device.

What else can I say? I do need to let you know that during my testing time, the small side wrap on the back right corner of my MacBook Pro got hit by the lid as I was opening the computer and it did damage the wrap. However, TOAST sent me a new piece and I have not had any issues with the replacement.

If you’re a minimalist who has been discouraged by the lack of gorgeous options for customizing while still protecting your device, TOAST has you covered. I also absolutely recommend their skins for anyone, not just the minimalists. TOAST has found a great way to class up your already premium device while not getting in your way.

Check out their entire line of stuff at the link below.
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