Is There a Way to Recover the "Real" Google Password From an Android Tablet?


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I have an android tablet running Jellybean.

Over time it has become a bit corrupted, is throwing inconsistent system UID messages at log on, and has become cluttered with unused apps, so I loaded everything on it onto a PC in preparation for a factory reset.

While I was doing this I realised I did not have the actual account password to log into the tablet's Google account. Emails are downloaded via the Gmail app and the account for which I now need the password was really only set up to access Google Play. It seems both of these use some sort of local token - PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG and am just looking in the wrong place.

Gmail continues to sync and I can access Google Play. I'm concerned about what Google might have stored in the account proper, and would very much like to keep the Gmail address. It gets a lot of mail.

I have been through Google account recovery, but have not been able to get a password reset.

Is there a way to recover the account password?

Thanks to all who answer and those who wish they could !

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