Is this phone worthless due to low internal memory?


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Dec 18, 2013
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I am not an Android user but bought this phone to run 4-5 Android apps. (I run BB10.) Imagine my surprise when I ran out of memory after installing about 100 MB of apps. What year is it? 1995?

I know I could spend 3 hours reading through this message board, but please help me with this because it might help others.

So here is my understanding of the situation for owners of these relatively recent phones:

1. You can buy an SD card and insert it.

2. You can't move apps to the SD card unless you are running Android 6.0.

3. This phone natively runs Android 5.1 and will not update to 6.0.

4. There are backend ways up rooting that phone and installing Android 6.0. Hopefully, after that you can move some (but not all) of your apps to your SD card presuming they permit this.

Is this correct? Do I need to download strange files from strange websites in strange countries onto my PC to do this?


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Feb 24, 2012
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Yes. In 2016, 4GB of storage is ridiculous and the phone is worthless as anything other than a phone/browser/calculator/calendar, etc. The basic preinstalled apps.


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Feb 12, 2012
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2. You shouldn't put apps on the SD card fr a couple of reasons. a) it damages the card a lot faster than apps damage the phone's internal storage. 2) only small parts of apps get "moved". You don't save much space.

On Marshmallow, if you format the card as "internal", apps will get put on it, but #1 above still applies.

4. Installing 6.0 replaces the current ROM. Rooting roots the current ROM. So rooting, then updating the ROM is a waste of effort - you still have to root the new ROM if you want root access (which you don't need just to install some 3rd party ROM).

But, as Aquila said, in 2016, a phone with 4GB of storage is, if not ridiculous, at least very cramped. Like a size 9 foot in a size 7 shoe.

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