jetstream crazyness problems!!


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Mar 12, 2010
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sooo.. taking the jetstream out of the package today it felt great and everything was working fine for most of the day... untill i had to charge it. When i pluged it in the screen when crazy shifting from side to side and and launching random apps. This went on for a while untill i got fed up and wiped the tablet back to factory... that didnt help either.

Has anyone else that has bought the tablet experienced these problems?

I will say this is a fine piece of hardware, just needs to work out a few bugs I guess.


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Mar 18, 2010
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No problems with charging the device or using the device while it charged. I had a phone once that when it was charging it would make using the touch screen very difficult as it would bounce around.

Seems like a bad unit.


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May 14, 2012
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Yes, definitely it is a problem with HTC. I really like the Jetstream, but this is the only problem I have so far with it. It is not easy to replicate, even though I can say it happens at least once a day.

When that happens, the Jetstream is not being charged. I may be just like switching from landscape to portrait, or going from browser to Netflix ..., it is not consistent that way though, meaning that the next time I try to re-produce it, it doesn't happen.

It doesn't happen out of nowhere, it always follows a previous action, or a series of actions, you have to interact with the screen before that glitch kicks in.

I notice when that happens, if you click somewhere on the screen, such as the "home" button, or any other icon, you can see that the "back" button is also highlighted, as if you were pressing both buttons at the same time.

If you leave it awhile, it will sort it out (I will say < 1 minute).

If you turn the table off (screen off using the power button, not completely turn it off) then turn it back on right away, the problem goes away immediately.

Regardless, it is super annoying. And I am glad that I am not alone in noticing this issue. However, I am sad that HTC didn't catch this and no other users encountered this problem.

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