Just got my dna


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Aug 19, 2011
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So I got my dna yesterday

Im just at the point of almost having it setup like I like but I have some questions/issues

I wanted to try the stock email but when I put in my aol email (yes I know who uses aol still) it tells me login details are wrong something to that affect when they aren?t

Is there any settings in the camera I should set to get the best pics I can overall

i have this wifi issue that others seem to have as well it seems when its asleep for a bit i awake it and then disconnects flashes to 4g connected back to my network but i have no activity at that moment then i have turn wifi off and on to get it back

i know its not my network no other problems with over 5 other devices and never had a problem with any phone for years

I use to use an app called folder organizer is there any other newer apps that are recommended to make folders..it seems the sense folders wont let me put other things besides apps in them I like putting bookmarks etc..

Since the stock email wasn?t working I went back to what ive been using for years now and that?s k-9 email but for some reason im not getting it pushed as fast as I should I have my old phone set on wifi right next to it and im getting email right away on that and on the dna an extreme delay or I have to manually hit check mail

Also I noticed with the notification light it goes off after a bit..i googled this and it seems this might be a sense thing that they have done in the past like a 5 min rule? So im guess this is on this phone too?...anyway at all around this? If not extending the time or turning it off then some sort of thing that can be set as a reminder so if its stops after 5 min then eventfully it starts up again then goes off then starts again?.

and any battery saving tips i havnt really gone through the settings yet or other settings that are suggested to change?

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