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Jan 15, 2023
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Hello to all I make this post because I have a fabulous experience with a system.

I am very faithful to my iPhone that I will not change for anything in the world, but I discovered very recently Google home, this connected ecosystem that allows to link different devices and to control them.

I equipped myself with a NEST hub for the living room and 2 Nest mini (one for the bedroom and one for the bathroom). I bought two wifi connected light bulbs that change color for 10€ each on Amazon, and I must say that they are damn powerful, much more than the ones I replaced. I also bought a fullhd surveillance camera for 20€ that does its job really well and is Google Home compatible.
I had an Apple TV for 2 years, but I was tired of the classic presentation of the menus, using streaming like Netflix and the very complete TV (4000 channels), the fact of clicking on each icon each time to use the app was tiring.
I let myself be tempted by a Chromecast TV HD for 29€ and my surprise was really pleasant. Return of my taste of contents, lively screens, personalized choices, such a small object really complete and so cheap. I think that's what made me decide to equip myself with Google for automation and not Alexa.

and just recently I bought a Sony RA3000 SPEAKER, with a so called immersive sound, and I wanted it for a while now, and it's a perfect combination with my Chromecast tv. The sound is good and it opens me wide the latest movies as top fun ok Netflix series, immersion guaranteed, it is by the way a great first to integrate this technology to a cylindrical speaker and I would like to see in this kind of design the Dolby Atmos it is for me the ideal format.
I have full control through Google home with my smartphone app and by voice and touch with the Nest.
I think it's great. I recommend to all technology lovers to get equipped, because finally the approach with technology becomes different, it becomes close and even allows you to sleep in the middle of a forest at night.

I would like to see more possibilities and compatible devices like a shower head that turns on and heats the water before you get in the shower. I already have my eye on a particle detector that is quite advanced but more expensive so I'm waiting to see what the market will develop. As for the rest, we can find oneyhes connected to Google, ok door opening detectors also connected, as well as cleaning robots but not much else for the moment.
Will 2023 be the year of further development of Google home and other. Connected objects in the home?

Will it be possible to use your smartphone line to make calls through Google home and Nest.

Let's be crazy, for music lovers, a Nest with a 12 or 14 inch screen would be a nice little device to put in the living room, and be able to access Spotify playlist on this big screen.

I've shared my user experience with you, and I'd be curious to know yours if you feel like writing and sharing it. See you soon

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