LG G2 F320L/S data problem


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Mar 1, 2014
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Sooo.... I live in Maine, but I bought the lg g2 F320L/S SK Telecom for the removable battery and the sd card slot, its quad band lets me use a straight talk sicro sim (at&t). Ive had no problems with it, and becouse of when i bought the phone, i knew i would have to do a few months worth of kit kat LG up dates, and so did them at my leisure, but after did the (december i think) update for the phone it did its normal download and restart process as useual, but now i cant get data with my service. Im on wifi rite now just to send this to you. I did the January updata with wifi, hoping it would fix the problem but it hasnt helped. I even did the factory reset, and i still cant get any data. I can send and receive texts and phone calls just fine.
I think its because of the up date but i did charge it for a night with a random charger. Because its the sk, it uses 220v and came with a 220v wall plug, so ive just been using the usb cord it came with and my computer to charge it, and the night before i noticed it i had to use a random micro usb charger (not the LG micro usb it came with..) and some random 110v usb outlet plug. I wasnt home and badly needed to charge it.
Anything you can tell me about this $700 mess ive gotten myself into would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


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Jan 6, 2012
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You should try talking to straight talk tech service, they actually may be able to help you. It's possible that you need updated APN settings, which are sort of there to make sure your phone interacts with the network correctly. Those being incorrect wouldn't be solved by a factory reset.

If you don't want to try talking to straight talk, I would recommend googling something like "LG G2 straight talk APN" and following directors you find to put in the correct APNs.

Best of luck!

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