LG LML413DL smartphone disabling random applications??

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Jan 16, 2020
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Hello all, I have an LG LML413DL smartphone using Android that keeps disabling apps that are necessary for incoming calls, and would like some instructions please....
For the longest time, I had an application called Screen on Call, that was supposed to stop the screen from going black every few seconds during a phone call, but after following the advice provided by support, I did a full factory reset of the phone, and that app was all of a sudden being denied access during a call. I fixed that issue, and now have yet ANOTHER problem in that I am getting a message that says 'Full Screen Calling is Disabled' when I get an incoming call.
I am utterly confused by this habitual instances of applications being declined by this phone, and am hoping that someone can explain, if not correct this for me.
I am using Tracfone Wireless as my carrier, which I HATE, and they are of no help whatsoever, being a call center somewhere overseas, who do not care, nor understand anything about the network.
It is an LG PREMIER PRO LTE (L413DL) smartphone, running Android 8.1.0.
I cannot tell you the exact settings on the phone because it has been reset so many times now, but I know that I have not changed permissions that I am aware of.
it is supposed to ring and vibrate with an incoming call, which it does generally, but it should also show on the screen a notification that a call is incoming, and then go to the phone screen when answered, and this is where the issue is. It is not showing when I have an incoming call on the home screen anymore, and is instead giving me an error bubble saying full screen calling disabled??
Is there a reason for this, and if so, how can i correct it please??
Oh yes, and Thanks in advance!!
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