LG Opt V Boots But Black Screen-Need Hlp Getting USB Debugging On


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Jun 2, 2012
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I have an older LG Optimus V. The early Optimus V and Optimus S used different screens and took different drivers. I had CM7 IHO installed on my Optimus V, but now want to sell it. I?ve been running CM7 since Oct. 2011. I no longer have the original ROM backup and downloaded a stock LG Optimus V ROM from the Internet. I installed it after wiping everything and all went well until I rebooted the phone. It booted up just fine with the LG logo and then I hear the Virgin Mobile voice and then the vibration. However, my screen is black. I remember this happening very early on with some mods with the wrong screen drivers. Upon doing a lot more research, I discovered that LG saw fit to use the newer screen from the LG S(sprint) phone in all their builds, including the newew V phones. It appears that the ROM backup I got was from a newer Optimus V phone which uses the screen driver for the Optimus S phone and causes my screen to be black. I could easily fix this if I could get access to my phone and see what I am doing. By installing a new ROM, USB debugging is turned off by default. If I could get a method or commands to use in SDK ADB to enable USB debugging, I could get the phone to display on my computer via either Droid@Screen or Screencast and resolve my problem. But, they do not work if USB debugging is disabled. If there is a way or if there are commands to force Debugging on, I would really appreciate the help. There are many people out there with this same problem, however the people that say they have the answer.....DO NOT. They all say to use one of the 2 programs I mentioned and then tell you to make sure debugging is turned on. What they seem to forget is that the screen is black and that is the problem in the first place and you can?t see to turn USB debugging on. Any help would be greatly appreciated for a way to get USB Debugging on when you have a black screen. Thank You for any help you can provide.


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Mar 30, 2012
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What recovery do you currently have installed? If you still have a custom recovery boot into it with volume down, home, power button combo. Then flash a rom (your older phone would need 2.2.1 for factory i believe)

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