Lock screen opens notifications on it own


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Aug 1, 2014
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Hi everybody, I've been having a hideous issue with my Note 8 ever since it updated to Android Oreo. So, before when I turned my phone on, either by pressing the home button on the screen or by using the button on the side, I could see the notifications and I could view the whole preview by sliding them down, touch them and open them, erase them or leave them where they where. Now as soon as I use either one of this buttons, the phone automatically selects one of those notifications and pops up the screen with the sign password and iris recognize without giving me the chance of seeing the notifications. If I go back without using the password, the notification it wanted to open gets deleted. It basically takes away the possibility to check the notifications. The problem gets worse when I'm at home because I have the smartlock enabled, so (when and if it works) it opens up any notifications by itself. Sometimes, it's actually rare but it happened a few times already, it does everything on its own. It's on my bed far from me, I'm not even looking at it, a notification arrives, it turns on by itself and asks for my password to open the notification. What do you think? I hope someone has an answer and I hope i didn't create a new thread on an issue already discussed about, but I couldn't find anything similar

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