m8 odd charge/discharge


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Feb 20, 2016
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Phone gets pluged in at night to charge. Battery level was aprox 50%. In morning phone said was still charging but was at 30%. No wifi and shows no apps using that much power. Now pulled a graph up from a app of % of charge per hr. It droped sharply from 20% to 0% hr area a vertical drop. It makes a nasty short quick wave pattern between 0% and -10%. It flatens out at 0% percent per hr and levels out for aprox 30-45 min. Then from there it makes a wave form pattern on the % of charge. Drops to aprox -10 then back to 0% hr area in about 30 min cycles of that. Unplug it in the am and plug it back in and it starts charging again.

Have 3 diff chargers .5 a 1 a 1.5 a And a 2 a from a new samsung phone. That have all fully charged the phone many times before. Now this happens, i tried diff cords and no change. Just like all older m8s charge port is a lil loose. But does this sound like a charge card issue?


Feb 23, 2011
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I'd back up everything just in case it's the port issue. If you're tried different cables and charges, then it's almost certainly a hardware issue with the phone. My two M8's had similar symptoms when their ports started going bad as well. I did find a QC2.0 charger and a premium cable with thick power wires (Volutz brand to be exact and I like them) helped a little bit. It was basically enough to get me another day or so out of my phone.

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