Marketplace apps not showing in applications list of my G1


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Sep 30, 2009
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When I download an app from the Marketplace it will not show up in the Applications list. If I go to the Notifications after the software download is complete the application will show there and I can also execute it. There are a few workarounds I can do to make the app show up. Lets say if I download an application called Chess. As stated before this app is not showing in the application list, But if I push the ?C? key to show all ?C? applications the Chess Program will then show up. Now if I push the backspace key to show all the apps, the Chess program is now showing with all the apps but at the bottom of the list not sorted alphabetically. If I want this app to show up with the others in alphabetical order I must reset the unit for all to be as normal.

I recently purchased this phone last week and this is my second phone experiencing this same issue. The problem crops up shortly after the push flash upgrade to the current version 1.5. I ended up exchanging the phone thinking this was a problem with a bad flash upgrade, but now it is evident I am doing something I don?t realize. It is important to note I have done a Factory Reset on the phone (Power off, then holding power and the home button at the same time until the Alert symbol comes up, then hitting alt+W) and the problem doesn?t go away. Anyone have any ideas?

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