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Mar 1, 2010
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Really no, if Wallet performs the function then there may be imitations but it's not likely unless MC has their own app. This could start an interesting discussion. Verizon has tried to bury Google Wallet from the start and yet I still have yet to see anyone protest. Especially Google. The best part about this is that Verizon can't block us from apps. It's why they can't / don't block tethering apps anymore. All of their LTE phones still sit on Block C and part of the agreement with the FCC was that [paraphrasing] Verizon can't stop us from using any app on our phone so long as it won't interfere with the network. And I can't see how Google wallet would do that. So my question to anyone would be why Google hasn't pushed back against Verizon yet. ?


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Dec 6, 2009
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According to various news feeds Google and VZW are filing statements with the ever useless FCC. I guess it could lead to something, since VZW was forced at least indirectly to offer free hotspot service for capped users as result of some filings ICW data sharing apps. From my point of view, VZW is dead wrong on this one and they will eventually give in, either due to legal or customer pressure. Any one who cares really needs to write to VZW executives. Years ago they finally gave in on unlocking GPS access in early Blackberries after getting enough hate mail..... It will take time for them to realize their customers want choice on this issue. Old monopoly habits die hard and plain old greed will always try to win out.

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Dec 12, 2012
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I saw a YouTube video that Google Developers did and they eluded to the fact that Google Wallet was coming to the Sprint Note 2 very soon. This coupled with the other VZW annoyances like nixing Blocking Mode and the limited functionality of their multi-window feature led me to take advantage of the Amazon sale for the Sprint Note 2. It was $99.99 and I already had a $100 Amazon gift card. So this was a pretty sweet deal. Now I know that the data networks are night and day but I'm in a major city and it seems more and more Sprint customers have been reporting getting LTE. So I'm giving it a try since the phone was basically free and my monthly bill would be about $30 cheaper and I'll still have unlimited data.

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