May have found a Samsung Pay bug - Fixes Unable to Process Transaction Error


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Dec 16, 2013
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So over the past few weeks I was frustrated that my Samsung Pay would give me an error that said it was "unable to process your transaction, please try again later" I mainly used my right thumb to activate it and never thought that it was related to my prints.

I do a lot of wood working and crafts and what not and it's probably a bad habit that I'll use a callus stone in our shower to remove the paint and what not. This of course tends to alter my prints and every now and then I just delete the old print and redo it.

This morning it worked just fine at the store but then after working I showed and was ready to leave for more errands. I noticed my thumb wasn't working as reliably as in the past so I just redid the print and went out. I'll be darned if the error popped up again. Frustrated but figuring I would address it later went about my day. I initially tried clearing the cache for the SP App, still no go.

Tonight I decided I would use my index finger for my lock screen and it worked because of course I've not altered that print or replaced it for weeks. I then decided to try it with Samsung Pay and viola, it worked! I shut down the app, opened it and tried it with my thumb, which didn't work earlier, and viola again! It worked!!

I repeated the experiment by replacing my print again and then tried that "new print" on Samsung Pay and of course got the error. However, once I opened it with my index finger/one that wasn't updated, it then would recognize the thumb and work fine.

CLIFFS: If you replace a fingerprint for any reason, you must use a previously known print FIRST before using Samsung pay with the new print.

This is my unscientific but repeatable find. I hope this helps anyone experiencing problems.
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Dec 15, 2012
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I love SP. But, I find that my thumbprint recognition is very unreliable. Sometimes, I just give up on SP and pay with my old-school credit card.
Other times, SP gets my thumbprint just fine.

I use my thumbprint for security on my N5 and in that setting, it works 9 times out of 10. But, I have to have all 4 fingerprint slots dedicated to the same finger, scanned different ways, for it to be reliable.

Not sure to what degree the N5 lockscreen fingerprint recognition overlaps with SP recognition.

Interesting experiment. Thanks for sharing. I'll scanning my index finger in SP.