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Mar 13, 2014
Visit site is a flight simulator designed for Android platform. The game is already available on Google play for free. In player can fly modern drones, use rockets, guns, destroy ground targets, vehicles and participate in combat and spy missions.
The player starts with a small amount of resources. Player has only the cheapest model of drone called Shadow. Shadow can not be armed. It is a small, unmanned flying vehicle used primarily for reconnaissance. However player can develop his resources by possibility to earn virtual money by performing tasks in different missions.

Next and a little more expensive than the Shadow is Predator. This machine is used by the U.S. Air Force and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Predator can be armed and used in combat missions.

The largest and also the most expensive drone in this game is the Reaper. This drone may be armed like the Shadow. Additionally it is equipped with a more powerful engine, which enables it to fly with a much higher speed.

There are three types of missiles in - Hellfire, Stinger and Griffin. All rockets are equipped with the FAF (Fire And Forget) system. The rocket, equipped with a FAF system, automatically follows the monitored target, after firing.
There are three camera modes in this game. Different camera modes show different sets of controls and instruments. The player has the ability to control the speed, altitude, engine power, fire mode. In addition, the player can monitor the positions of enemy objects on radar, quality of the captured images, objectives of the mission and more.

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