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Suddenly some program seems to have installed itself. My text message box is now different, my contact list is different, my latest used emojis vanished, ugly new emojis replaced mine, there's a microphone icon in the text message box instead of the "send" icon, there's a camera icon just to the left of it, there are "reply options" -- it's a brand new text message program, but I have no idea what it is or how to uninstall it

Android Central Question

sudden changes to text messaging

I have Android 7.1.1. Last update is recorded in the phone info as Aug 31. But suddenly (Sept 22) many things changed in my text messaging. There are now "suggestions" for a reply (in one case an offensive emoji, so random) - no way I can see to remove this new feature. The emojis suddenly changed -- bigger and to my taste very unattractive. Changed retroactively too, lol -- in old texts. Appearance of text message box changed, as if a new program - now there's a camera icon to the left, a mic icon instead of "send" etc. What happened?

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