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I need to find some free software or apps that I can use to test a Midi Controller Keyboard - a Novation Launchkey 61 MK3.

I want to buy it second hand but the seller only has a a smartphone to test it on and I only have a Chromebook (Asus C523) (desktop and laptops are not an option).

All I need to be able to do is test All/Most the different TYPES of buttons.... to make sure it works ok
eg. The Keyboard keys themselves, Faders, Q-Link Knobs, Drum Pads, Transport Buttons, 2x Mod Wheels, etc etc

I don't need to record a song or anything - just be able to hear/see all these different kind of buttons working on screen and hear them too.

I have a Novation Launchkey 61 MK2 here with me - I've only just bought it but never used it, or midi on a daw etc so I have no experience with it all.
I've seen it on videos etc but they were all setup etc.

I want to buy the newer version MK3, but since I have the older MK2 here - I can use that at home to test and get this working on the chromebook before I go meet this guy and test the mk3 he is selling.

I've tried a bunch of free apps on Chromebook via Play Store - but I can't get Faders, Q-Link knobs working, I think I got pads working on one?

But there are other buttons too I haven't mentioned but the above are the big ones.

Could someone please record a super quick video showing me how to test these things on a Chromebook ideally as that's the only one that I have that will work?
Or failing that - give good instructions?

It could be a Synth app only or a DAW or something else?

Even if I can only test half the buttons on one and the rest on the other that would be fine?

I really hope someone can perform a miracle and help me out.

Thank you for your help

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