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Feb 23, 2011
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After being downgraded to Android 13, it seems I've lost the ability to set my notification priorities. In Android 12 and earlier I could set the priority from low to urgent, which would give me options on how those notifications came in. I can no longer find those options.

Things were fine until AdGuard updated the other day and now it has a persistent icon in the notification bar that use to not be there in its earlier versions. In the past, it was set to low priority so I could pull the shade down and turn it off/on as needed without having the persistent icon. With its new update, it seems I'm now limited to a persistent notification icon for the ability to pause from the notification shade (yay, more clutter and screen burn in), or no notification at all and have to open the app itself.

So is this just another regression of Android 13, or am I missing something? Going into the phone's notification settings for specific apps I only have options for which notifications to turn on. Using the search option in settings for "notification priority" returns zero results. The closest option I found is the option to set to default or silent, but settling to silent leaves the icon in the notification bar. It's an LG V60 phone, but I suspect is OS related and not manufacturer related.
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