MMS issues... Is there a way we can report hw/sw bugs to Google?


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Nov 15, 2012
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Enjoying the phone but I guess still figuring things out and running into what I think are Jelly Bean issues...
And I am wondering if there is a place we can send feedback to Google to report Jelly Bean or hw issues...

Something like Yahoo Mail has in it's menu options?
Or maybe we can have a thread on bugs found and make it a sticky?

Tonight I am finding out if I try to send an MMS and include a video by using "Capture video" the camera is soooooo super slow in focusing.
You really have to just stand still and wait seconds for it to focus. Taking normal movies from camera app itself (not in messaging) is ok.
I just wanted to report it so that they are aware and hope for a future update/fix.

I also have a problem where, I can send a 20 second videos through mms using "Capture video" without any issue...
But... if I already have a short 2 second video in my gallery that I took with the phone and try to send it that way, it says "Message size limit reached."
I tried this numerous times with numerous 2 second test videos and i cannot attach them into my message.

Interesting note is my sis sent me a 10 sec mms vid she took using her iphone and I saved it into my gallery...
And I can attach and send that video through mms... but I can't send a two sec vid I made that is stored in my gallery?

I also ran into other issue in Jelly bean but didnt remember... boy I am finding that Jelly Bean does have quite a few bugs.

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