MMS Texting Problem Since Update Sprint

Apr 21, 2013
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Since the ARF9 update on Sprint, picture texts will sometimes go through. Sometimes not. Usually if I restart my phone, they'll send. Having the same issue with receiving MMS texts. I thought it might just be my phone, but my wife's did the same update over the weekend and she's having the same issues. I've cleared app cache as well as cleared the phone's cache.

Anybody else experiencing this? Any idea on a fix?

I've tried going back to the stock Messaging app (I'm using Textra). I've also tried Android Messages. Same result.


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Feb 12, 2012
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SMS and MMS are the same unction (SMS is SMS, MMS is MMS) regardless of which SMS app you're using, so this would tend to indicate a Sprint problem. Find a corporate store (even the managers in the independently owned stores don't usually know what Engineering or Networking is doing) and talk to a representative, then to the manager if the representative doesn't have any answers, and see if there's anything they've been told (like "if customers ask about ..."). If not, ask the manager if s/he can check to see if the back end is aware of anything and, if not, to put your trouble on the record, so it gets fixed.

(Get your terms clear, though - MMS messages are messages that are longer than 160 characters, and you've set the app to not break long texts. There's no such thing as a picture text - text normally goes via 2G like voice, over SMS - pictures go over mobile data [3G or 4G] as MMS. If you speak their language, you get understood - and treated - better.)

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