Mobile Data Not Working and Phone is Rebooting (Works fine with WiFi)


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Mar 3, 2014
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This phone is brand new..maybe two months old now, and I've had these issues since I bought it. My boyfriend got the same exact phone from the same company and is not experiencing any of the issues I am having. The only differences between our phones is that I am version 4.3 while he never got that update and is a version behind me (probably 4.2.?).

My phone reboots multiple times a day at random.. though I notice that it reboots often when I am plugging it into a PC to be charged. Occasionally the screen goes black and won't turn on, although I know from my LED that the phone is still on. I am then forced to hold the power button until it restarts.

On top of these reboot issues, I have mobile data issues. My mobile data does not work except within the first few minutes after restarting my phone (I guess the automatic rebooting is occasionally helpful). If one app is using mobile data right after restarting my phone (for example, iHeartRadio), the mobile data will continue to work and other apps will also be able to use mobile data. However, if NOTHING is using mobile data, none of my apps can access the internet unless I restart my phone. If I forget to use my mobile data within a few minutes of restarting the phone, I have to restart again. The only thing that seems to defy my mobile data issues is my texts. The texts almost always work. Occasionally I have issues sending them, but I always receive them. I don't talk on the phone that often, but I haven't experienced any issues with that either.
When I'm connected to WIFI everything works with no issues. It even stops rebooting when I'm connected to WiFi.

Uninstalling Apps
Removing battery/SIM for ten minutes
Factory Reset
Toggling mobile data/airplane mode (my mobile data is always on)

I haven't found anybody else with these exact issues. I thought maybe it was the version I am on (4.3) however, I know others with the same version and phone who are not experiencing these issues.

So.. any one have any suggestions? I visited AT&T today and they told me to Factory Reset my phone. I told them I already did that and they said, "buy a new one." :mad:
I'm contacting the seller now. I'm a little angry that I didn't sooner, but I've been trying to troubleshoot and figure out if its a hardware issue or a problem with AT&T. Since AT&T was absolutely no help, I'm starting to think it's a hardware issue. If the seller doesn't agree to replace my phone I'm going to be out $250 and extremely angry.


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Jan 30, 2011
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$250 for a brand new phone?
Well, regardless, you should have taken the phone back right away, although it's difficult to gather the detailed information that you have overnight. Since you're having rebooting problems when you connect the charger it sounds like a hardware issue; same goes for your mobile data issues.

The only thing I could suggest would be to reload the stock firmware which can be found here, but given the issues you're having it would be better to get the seller to provide you a refund/replacement.

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Jun 24, 2015
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Even i am facing the same issue, but the scenario is a bit different.

It only reboots when i am travelling and using mobile-data (2g or 3g), it works fine on wifi. Donno what the problem is.

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