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Dec 12, 2009
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I am a strict BB fan on Sprint but I guess not that strict since I am here. I am looking at the moment and I am not much of a buisness user. I am a big Text, web, email and TV/Movie Media fan on the BB.

The Blackberry is great and easy to put tv/movies on the media card and play, sms is simple the web and what not is o.k.. I am tired of the screen, I need a screen!

So is the moment easy to put movies and tv shows on, is web surfing much more enjoyable then the 2*2 screen? Is the moment where I want to be?

Thanks for any response.


Dec 2, 2009
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I love my Blackberry. Bought my wife a Moment to watch videos on and surf the web. The picture is the best. I did my homework and looked at every phone on Sprint and the iphone. This phone is really good. I haven't tried to put my own videos on it but there are tons of converters to match the format so it shouldn't be a problem. My only complaint is that it is a little glitchy compared to my Blackberry. But it is not the phone it is the OS. I have had it for 2 weeks and had the Airline mode problem and the 9230 message, which doesn't allow reply text from a given number. Easy fixes but they might drive you crazy if you are a Blackberry fan. Most people end their thread there but I will give you fix in case you take the plunge. The airplane mode problem was solve by removing external wifi management tools, i.e. any widgets or easy access shortcuts. Secondly, if you get the dreaded 9230 error you have to reset to factory settings which can be a pain. In conclusion, the Moment is more like a computer that a cell phone so you will have computer like issues. Good luck, I wish someone would have shared this with me. I still would have gotten the Moment but I will keep my Blackberry Tour for me.
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Dec 10, 2009
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I'm used to replace phones like every 1.5yrs. For over 3yrs I've been using Windows Mobile phones. I do like Windows Mobile a lot, but considering that WinMo 6.5 is not what I was expecting, I decided to try a different platform while Microsoft put together Windows Mobile 7 (Then I'll see if I go back to WinMo if I don't become an Android maniac like I'm feeling right now).

So, I did my research too, and I was almost decided to get the HTC Hero. I also spent over 3 hours at a local Sprint Store playing with both the Moment, the Hero, Palm Pre and BB Curve.

I knew about the Moment's Software issue before buying it. But the smooth browser experience, the Physical Keyboard, the beautiful AMOLED screen and the faster smoother operation in general convinced me of getting the Moment.

I bought a 16GB microSD and I've put TV Series like Lost, Prision Break and Dexter. I must say: This device plays X-vid avi files so beautifully without a single glitch. The definition and colors are excellent (given the source).

Other thing I really like is how I've been able to multi-task with this device so seamlessly. I've been surfing the web with multiple windows, downloading an app from the market, having a game paused in background, and the device still responds fast and steady. It is not perfect, however, and because of the CDMA implementation of Android 1.5, among other reasons, I do get some software errors and "Force Close" of applications, but they hasn't been many for me. I didn't had any problems with the GPS (and I do use it frequently), and Airplane Mode has never activated itself at least on my Moment. Actually, I haven't had most of the problems reported on forums even though I've installed and uninstalled a lot of apps and use the phone a lot.

GMail Mail client is very nice; However, I can't say the same about regular mail client (where you use any othe mail service like hotmail, yahoo, etc). I've been told that there are other mail apps you could use, but I haven't test any other mail client yet.

Battery life has improved a lot after about two weeks of full charge/full drain cycles. Now, the battery metering is not so accurate (I've been over 3 hours with the phone saying it has 15% of battery left). Even with the improved battery life, I do wish it last a little longer (or maybe I use it a lot daily, hehe).

I text/e-mail, browse and comment on web pages a lot in a daily basis, and I must say the physical keyboard is great. At times, you will notice it lags to display what you are typing, but this happens mainly in the SMS application. However, when I'm typing using the physical keyboard, I'm looking at the keyboard itself and not the screen, and since it is really easy to use, I haven't find myself mistyping or anything.

The user interface is plain Google Android. This had me in doubt after using the Hero's Sense UI for a while because I didn't know any of the alternate methods to modify and personalize Android. Now that I do know a little bit, I can say that it is great to have the Google Experience =)

I agree with itsall4tay when he says Android is more like a computer OS. After a little more than a month with it, I can't regret choosing this phone over the other phones I was considering. It is fast, it is fun to use, it looks good and the build quality feels very good so far.

Hope it helps, and if you decide to get a Moment, I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Happy Shopping =)
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