MQTT longitude and latitude MAP representation at Mobile phone

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Dear, I briefly comment on the project.
I am using a SIM7000 module (global positioning + LTE-M and NB-IoT) on a Shield board together with an Arduino UNO. Through the latter I send the AT commands to the SIM7000 module through Software Serial. Every x time I get the latitude and longitude values , and I publish them through the MQTT protocol in a broker in the cloud.
Here comes the question. Then the ideal would be from the mobile phone, generate a subscription and obtain longitude and latitude, but show the location on a map with a pin. Basically that is it. As an additional, I WOULD LIKE (but not required) to make a trace when changing the location (tour) and show the battery level of the board that is sending the location.
The issue is that I have no experience in application development, I tried to do something with Android Studio thinking that it would be easier, but the truth is that I did not manage to do anything in the short time that I dedicated to it. So I am looking for some terminated solution. The closest thing I've come across is an "MQTT Dash" app, but like other dashboards I've seen, they don't have the option to create a map, just text or various types of charts based on the data received.
I would appreciate suggestions on how to display this data in the commented way.