Mute Button on Headset


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Jan 28, 2010
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I got my Bionic last week, and have been having 1 little issue with it...

I use a wired ear bud headset with a mic on it, this mic has a toggle button, which on my Droid 2 and OG Droid the mic button would mute the current media playing (music player/Youtube/Pandora) or it would mute me on a phone call.

On the Bionic when I select the button to mute media, a Voice Command app enables and wants me to say a command...

Is there any way I can turn this off? I want to be able to click the mic button to mute my media, otherwise whenever I need to pause I have to fish into my pocket and unlock the device and mute, kind of annoying considering what I was accustomed to.