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Dec 22, 2011
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Case - Diztronic Matte Black TPU Case

This isn't an Otterbox that is going to survive 10 feet drops, but I feel assured that it will protect your phone from the occasionally time where you get out the car and forget the phone is in your lap. It also looks extremely good with the marble white GS3, and it's not expensive.

Screen Protector -Ultimate Clear Plus Samsung Galaxy S3 Rearth Ringbo Screen Protector

When I was showing off the phone to a coworker, they told me I should buy a screen protector for the phone not knowing that I already had this one on it. It doesn't effect screen clarity at all, and I'm not sure how scratch resistant it is, but I'm not going to use mine as a test dummy to find out. :)

Extended Battery
- QCell 2x Samsung Galaxy SIII 2300mAh Battery + Free Universal Battery Charger

- QCell Samsung Galaxy SIII X-Life 4200mAh Extended Battery

Sadly, I don't have these. But my brother and his wife own both of them and say both of them are amazing. For the 4200mAh battery, my brother told me he would normally get 7 hours or so with the regular battery, and now he is getting 13+ hours.

And for the 2x 2300mAh batteries, he said they are both the same as the regular, but you get 2x of them with a charger that charges both of them at the same time.

(They are both pretty cheap too.)

Edit: After clicking the links to make sure they all work, I saw that both the batteries are currently unavailable so the price isn't shown. But both of the products were $20.


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Feb 13, 2011
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Don't bother with these batteries and recharger. Batteries are definitely worse than stock, brand new only about 6.5 hours with light use. Charger takes forever to charge a battery.


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May 17, 2012
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OB Commuter or Defender

The Commuter is still slender enough that it does not add much bulk and still comes with a screen protector.

The Defender adds a slight bit of incremental depth than the Commuter primarily due to the deeper rim around the screen which would protect against the face first drop. This case comes with a screen protector and a holster that doubles as a kickstand.

Both cases will protect from those lap falls onto pavement, concrete or tile floor that cause those unsightly dings in the case of the phone. Both cases will fit in the pocket so portability is no issue. The Defender has the silicone layer on the outside providing great grip even if your hands or the surface is slick.

It is all about personal preference but with the hassle of repair and replacement, these cases mitigate the likelihood of any damage when the device spontaneously cartwheels out of control due to an accidental drop.

I get decent enough battery life that lasts an entire business day and have an OEM charger for the home/office and an OEM car charger, thus carrying around extra batteries doesn't seem practical. The larger batteries add bulk so good luck finding a decent case for protection. Again, it is about personal preference. Mine is to avoid the cost and I have no need for extra batteries. With technology progressing, subsequent OS updates should help improve battery life. The largest extended battery makes the phone look like the older model flip phones that were several times more thick than the stock device.

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