My introduction


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Dec 18, 2010
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hey, you might have seen me on the forums, but we havent been formerly introduced

My name is Jerry. My user name is psycho_maniac. I've been an android user since october '10. Im a huge htc fan and im a big Cyanogenmod fan. Im not really new to android. My previous phone was the HTC Touch Pro2, which was a winmo phone, before that i had the Touch Pro. I was a huge winmo fan. I had a thread on another site dedicated to registry hacks for the phones. Finding tweaks was my thing. I was always trying to find ways to make my phone faster, simpler to use.

I swore up and down that I would never go to an all touch phone. I loved hardware buttons. Still to this day I am scarred from the Lg Glimmer, man that was THEE worst touch screen phone you could use, dont even get me started. I finally decided to try android on my touch pro2, well i tried it for about 10 mins when i could actually use data, sms, and phone calls and 10 mins was all i needed. I restarted my phone and realized how slow winmo was and how many more keypresses it took to get somewhere.

I used to be a HUGE htc sense fan, but since android i dont really like sense all that much on android. Im really into aosp. I really like beautiful widgets and extended controls I have my phone setup how i had it setup with sense minus some keypresses, i really like the notification bar. Thats pretty much where everything happens.

Im pretty good with flashing/rooting phones. Ive been coming here a lot more lately as I like the community. Reminds me of another forum i was on. Now im just looking for a new home. I wasn't banned from the previous forum its just a bunch of us came to a disagreement to how they handled things there so we left. It was a winmo forum.

I like to help out as much as I can. I'll try to help you figure out the problem if i have similar hardware/software. If not i can try to dirrect you to how to solve the problem.

So thats my introduction. Prolly bored you to death, but oh well. Now you know who I am and how i was introducted to android.

Also since I introduced myself I'd like to introduce my phone. Here is my current setup:


...yes i know the 3rd screen icons dont match the rest, but i cannot find any icons that match the rest of the icons i use on the 2nd screen.