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My Pixel 6 asking CA certificated and domain name for wifi?

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Hi Guys,

I recently bought a pixel and new to the family, also, i am not a tech geek. I am trying to connect to my office WI-FI, but it is requesting for CA certificate instead of routinely suggested DO NOT VALIDATE. However, if i choose use system CA certificate and tick the do not verify in the following option, then it requests for DOMAIN name.

I went to the IT department and they tried to use the domain name but was useless, still not connecting. I came across a reddit post which suggested to use root CA, but i really dont know what it is and how to. I also dont want to ruin my pixel the second day i bought by doing something that i do not know.

So, i am asking for help if anyone knows what to do, kindly drop your suggestions.

Big thanks in advance,


Q&A Team
Jul 7, 2013
Unfortunately, my employer doesn't put Android devices (even those registered to the MDM solution) on the internal network.