My tablet detects touch by itself (using a case and anti glare film) SOLVED

Dusk Fall

Aug 1, 2019
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Hello all.
My tablet (HUAWEI MediaPad T3 7) is detecting touch without me doing anything (at random intervals). It’s gotten to the point where I’m afraid to start commenting on an instagram picture because it’ll press enter by itself before I’m ready.
After looking online here a bit, I found that some people have had issues with third party screen protectors.
As I don’t think huawei offers screen covers for their tablets (I’m using a matte screen protector because tablet screens are way too glossy. I'm also using a third party case for it) do you have any ideas on how to fix this? Hopefully without having to ditch the anti-glare screen protector.

EDIT: I removed the case and the issue was fixed.
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Jul 14, 2011
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Perhaps the cover had a magnet? Cheaply-made ones (AKA not really paying attention to the design) can use magnets that are overpowered for the specific device (they use generic ones that might work for some tablets, but not for others) or have a bad placement of those.