MZP w/ case and holster - Hard to remove phone

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Dec 30, 2012
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I was previously using a Qmadix holster/case combination with my venerable Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

That phone is very dated now, but I really liked the cover and holster combination.

On transitioning to a new MZP, I spent some time looking for a case and holster combination for the MZP. There don't appear to be many compelling options available.

For the present I am using:

Visually the result is very pleasing, and the case is very sturdy. I can attest to the latter having dropped the phone once already.

What prevents this from being an outstanding result is that while it is easy to insert the encased phone into the holster, it is very difficult to extract it:

Does anyone else have a similar experience with this combination? Does anyone know how to fix the case or holster to make it easier to extract the phone?

I came across an article describing a Verizon bumper and Seidio Samsung Galaxy Note 5 holster combination (

Is anyone using the Seidio Samsung Galaxy Note 5 holster with a Incipio case?


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Feb 12, 2012
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I'm not. I can't see exactly how it comes out of the holster - from the top? There seems to be a cutout on the bottom. Try pushing the phone up an inch from there, then grabbing the top and pulling it out. (Every holster is different - with the Otterbox, you have to sort of "unsnap" the phone from the holster. They're all difficult until you develop a trick to make it easier.)

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