Question Need a budget rugged phone with strong battery for listening music for someone who never used smartphones before


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Aug 15, 2023
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My fellow mp3 player is beyond repair, and it's sad to go out without music. So i am thinking about replacing it, and my old nokia cellphone on the smartphone.
If nothing bad will happen, i should be able to save around 60$ till the end of this year. That's my budget. But i can save a bit longer maybe, to get better thing. Also maybe prices will reduce next year. But i need to know first how much exactly i need to save, so i need to decide what i want.
Territorially - Ukraine, but i won't buy here cause everything is overpriced here, i will buy on Aliexpress.
Requirements - rugged (protected) since everything falls from my hands, long-lasting battery, preferably external reset button or removable battery. I will not use it for internet or games since i have pc for that, so just music, and occasional calls.
I never owned a smartphone, only helped mother a bit with hers, so idk what else should i look for when i pick one. Maybe something that won't require any additional tweaking?
The models i looked for so far:
Good looking, good price, terrible battery and even more terrible reviews. Why? Because of the battery?
Seems like a good thing overall except small battery. Also reviews say that company that makes this phones instals ads and unnesesary thing that's hard to remove, is it true?
Maybe best option i saw so far (that, or t5 pro that's cheaper and has larger battery), though way over my budget. But maybe it will go on sale next year, or just become cheaper?
Another option that's way over my budget but it has the excellent battery i am looking for. The downside are it's weight, half of the kg, and since i am quite weak due to disability, i don't know if it will be comfortable to carry such thing with me.

Please, give any advice you can.

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