Need a little help


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Sep 4, 2011
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Ok, first off im gonna say im pretty new to android app making (i do kinda know how the blocks work and such), and i know how limited android app inventor is. However, i think my app seems pretty viable i just need a little help with it.

Ok, what im trying to do is make an app that strings together text from like, a list of words. So basically if i had 2 lists of words, i want 2 of those words randomly chosen and displayed together in a text box.

For example:
List 1:
  • Hello
  • Android
  • World

List 2:
  • Whats
  • Up
  • Guys

And i would want to string those words together randomly to make something like:
  • Hello Guys
  • World Up
  • Android Whats

You get what im saying :p and help at all would be appreciated! Thanks, android community!