Need help fixing HTC One M8-flashing ROM


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Feb 4, 2016
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OK let me start by saying I'm new to root and (twrp) but I got a at&t htc one m8 that someone missed up they deleted the os off the phone. it boots to a screen with htc logo and that's where it stays, and I'm using my iPhone 6 now and I hate it and I want a android back... I figured out how to boot to twrp I need a step by step guide to get it up and running a Custom rom, stock rom just make it but I do like all the cm roms. But I can't figure it out just post all the info u need to know about the phone and I'll post it asap. I'll be at work from 10am to 7pm on Thursday February 4th...... I need to have it done in that time frame. And I can download anything I need just post up links please. Like I'm begging for your guys help.

I hope this works. Please someone help me....

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