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Oct 1, 2010
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I bought this tablet for my wife so she can do some of her work easier (she's a teacher). The 2 main things she really wanted this for were updating her class web page on shutterfly and sending e-mails through her school's messaging system on I'm not sure of the limitations are on Honeycomb, the Thrive or both, but neither of these things work. She can get to the websites and view them, but it's only when she goes to update them when it starts to act whacky or do nothing at all.

The way her shutterfly web page is setup, there is a link for each area to edit. Once you click edit, it seems like a window pops up, like some sort of text editor to update that section and then save it to update it. When you click edit on the thrive, the window pops up, but doesn't allow writing in the blank space (Text area). I'm not sure what it uses for this editing, but it just doesn't seem to work and I can't get it to work. The same goes for her messaging website. Seems like its a honeycomb issue to me but I am not sure.

I tried to change her browse from stock to Dolphin which didn't work. I have not tried Firefox or opera. I also tried to change the agent from android to desktop to Ipad to iphone and none of them worked either. I guess I can try downloading another browser, but I don't think it will work.

Other than this one issue the tablet is awesome. Very responsive and no lag. Works well for us. Love the full size ports. They come in very handy.

Downloaded both Firefox and Opera and still cannot edit the documents on the web pages. I am thinking this has to be a honeycomb issue.

Does anyone know anything else I can try to get this to work? I have asked my wife to contact the admin for her messaging website to see what type of editor it is using and whether an android tab can be used to create messages but have not heard back yet.
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