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Need some help with phone questions.


AC Question

Well I currently have an IPhone 5c and I'm due for upgrade. I am currently looking at the LG G3 and think it's a good phone but I've heard some bad things about it like battery life problems and overheating. My question is, is the LG G3 still a good phone to get or would I be better off getting a different phone like the S5 or the HTC One M9? I would be using it for music, watching YouTube and live streams and light gaming. All help is appreciated.


New member
Mar 30, 2013
If your going to be doing a lot of music and videos I would go with the HTC one m9, that's what I have and I love it. The speakers on it are incredible. The camera is pretty good as well, not the best, but good enough for me. Plus the htc uh oh protection is pretty cool.

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Feb 12, 2012
And be prepared for the fact that an Android phone uses more battery than an iPhone. With many iPhones, 20% battery will last you most of the day - with an Android, that's a couple of hours (not that you shold ever let a lithium battery drop below 40%).