New S4 user - Some basic ?'s

Aug 27, 2013
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I got a new S4 about a week ago and have some burning questions I haven't been able to figure out just yet!
For starters I feel like either A) my expectations for S voice were off or B) I am not using it correctly. I thought it was going to be a lot like Siri from the iPhone. I have never had an iPhone to really compare it to but I have seen it put to use and seems to work really well. The other day I tried using my S-Voice to locate restaurants in the area and instead of giving me a map of restaurants in the vicinity it just started navigating me to some random restaurant instead of giving me an option to choose a place? Are my settings not right or am I using it wrong? Also I feel like S-Voice is quite difficult to access. Anyone else feel this way?
Next question is the camera, which I am in love with! But I am having issues with the flash and getting it to work properly and I thought the S4 came with a panoramic option? Is this not true?
How do you create documents? Do you use S-memo and save it in a file? Or what is the "file" section even for? It let me create a new folder but I am unable to add anything to it? Is there a certain app to be used for documents?
Is there an option for creating files that can be kept locked or secret? For example, I want to create a file or S-memo to store my passwords and obviously don't want people to have access to this?
Is there a good option for a "wipe out" application to use for Samsung galaxy. I have used an application for wiping your phone and locating it if it is ever lost but it drained my battery so bad it was pointless. Any suggestions?
Lastly, how do I take screen shots?
Any other advice or tips on how to get the most out of my phone would be welcomed!
I have figured out how to use the other features like eye recognition, swiping etc..... so those are all familiar!

Thanks :-*

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