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Sep 9, 2011
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Well I have been a BB user for a long time. Wanted to upgrade to a Android but just kept holding out. For something better etc... You here it all the time.

I have been visiting Android Central for quite some time now but just never registered. Would check here daily from my BB Storm.. Yes a storm... and then read up on Crackberry.

So after being so feed up lately with my 5th BB Storm (GRRRRRRRR) I took the plunge and waited at Costco (2nd inline) and finally am a proud new owner of a Droid Bionic.

I have visited the Verizon store a lot lately looking at Android phones but you can only get so much time playing with phones at Verizon... You know... " Sir how can I help you" etc...etc...

I must say that I am so impressed with this phone. I am glad I finally jumped ship. Some might ask why wait so long on a BB... Well I did not want to get back into another 2yr contract with a phone I would regret...

No Regrets here...

Oh by the way.. The bundle that did come with the Bionic from Costco is all branded Motorola.. well you cant include the screen protectors and the case..... But that really shocked me..

Can't wait for my adventure here to begin....

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