New Update?? WTF???


Jun 23, 2013
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I'm just pissed off that I'm with AT&T only because Sprint has lousy LTE CHICAGO of all places!! I had to drop them after 10 years...really upset me.
So I get AT&T which charges exorbitant fees for data coverage when I was used to unlimited data from Sprint. But...let's be hinest. Sprint's data coverage started ti suck when the new LTE phones came out and all you got were 3g speeds...and even THOSE speeds were slower than they had been initially!!
And now, AT&T charges $500/month for 50gb. That's insane because I use at least that much streaming videos...amd my WiFi is only 3.0. I can't afford the expensive data charges for even WiFi so it'd be nice to have cheaper plans with AT&T...but that's not what I'm writing about.
Y'see...this morning I kept getting prompts for an operating system upgrade that I neither wanted or think I actually needed. It's just more info to deplete my rapidly shrinking memory. It's bad enough that my S4 only has 24gb memory whereas my S3 had they want to nip away at what little I do have!!
Anyway...while in the middle if a game (which I hadn't saved for some time...meaning I'll have to replay 30 minutes of it...again!!), it just started to download...whereas in the past, I was allowed to postpone or ignore it.
Does anyone know what this update for the S4 on AT&T was? I checked, and I still have version 4.2.2 which means it cannot have been that important.
Please help with any answers if possible.

I thank you all very much!!




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Apr 20, 2012
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Pretty certain it was actually an OLD update:

If you go to settings/more/about and check your build number, it probably ends in MF3. Most notably that update locks down the bootloader and prevents custom recovery/custom can still root but you cannot unroot. Regarding features, the main one is the ability to move apps to the SD card. It's been all over S4 forums for over 6 weeks now so it's not any sort of surprise...except that it took so long to get to you.

If you're using 50GB/month you're in an incredibly small minority of users, btw. It's definitely not insane of AT&T (though it might be insane of you to think 50GB of mobile data is nothing lol)...people who are grandfathered in to the "unlimited" plan that ended a few years ago only get 5GB. I have no clue what you mean by your wifi is only 3.0...