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Sep 9, 2010
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Not having much luck with streaming live video feeds from either on chrome, or foxnews LIVE. I can watch foxnews live on firefox, but see no way to chromecast it. I can't even see the video feed on the cbsn.cbsnews live feed on Chrome, much less try to chromecast it. I have Firefox, Chrome, and Dolphin browsers. It's my understanding we can cast things from Chrome browser, and didn't FF recently get updated to chromecast? i just tried Firefox Beta, and it wont play video at all. it is set for "request desktop site" but it doesn't look like that type of page.

anyone get foxnews or cbsnews to work in any android browser AND stream to chromecast?

I see no chromecast option onscreen in Firefox Beta, when viewing live Foxnews video. (I'm on wifi, chromecast device is running and I've just sent other content successfully a few minutes ago to chromecast. i thought FF beta had CC capability

it really shouldn't be this hard...the content, the tech, and the hardware aren't working well together for the average person.


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Feb 12, 2012
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It looks like it's not ready for prime time. I just updated both Chrome and Firefox. They're both supposed to be able to do Chromecasting. Neither one will do it on that site. (They both do fine on Youtube, though.)